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Life In Lockdown | Simply just our life now {Week 14}

June 21, 2020

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The first few weeks of lockdown we slowly adjusted our usual busy schedules to a new normal of being at home. Managing to switch school runs and after school activities for homeschooling and exploring the garden. As time has gone on we no longer think of ourselves in lockdown as such – this is simply just our life now.

We have a routine of when homeschooling, chores and reading are completed. Family time and film nights are enjoyed. Siblings spend just the right amount of time together before they grow weary of each other. When we do come to the point that we return to life before lockdown or some version of it, it will be difficult to readjust back to the hustle and bustle of it all.

Socially distanced meet up

For the first time since the lockdown started and a few weeks after the restrictions were eased. I finally managed to enjoy a socially distanced meet up with my best friend. A chance to sit on the cliff tops, look out over the sea and catch up on all of her news.

Warm pewter

Weeks (if not months) in the planning I finally managed to get my hands on the Dulux Warm Pewter paint for Roo’s bedroom. Waving a fond farewell to the burnt orange feature wall that she’s had for the last four years – one of those things we inherited when we moved in and hoped to change within a month or two. At least I can finally say that I’ve crossed it off the never-ending to-do list. Plus it looks so much brighter and cleaner in her room. Time to add in all the soft furnishings and accessories.

Second guessing

I’m the first person to confess that making decisions isn’t my strong point. From the everyday things of what to make for tea to the grand decisions that have a wider impact on our lives. This week I have been second-guessing decisions that I’ve made and whether or not I should have opted for a different choice. A snowball effect that has me questioning one thing, then another and so on.

Father’s Day

A quiet day at home celebrating Father’s Day for What The Dad Said. With the children treating him to Rockband for the Xbox One and a new Nespresso coffee machine. Although we didn’t head out anywhere we did manage to order a takeaway and enjoy a family film night.

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