BabyDumDum Soother Clip & Chain {Review}

November 3, 2011

As many of you will have seen in my photos Tigger has a dummy (controversial I know but they work for us), so when I was asked to try out a new clip I jumped at the chance.

Tigger was sent the blue duck clip & chain
The clip & chain comes complete with an information card about the product and includes the Do’s & Don’ts:
Things you SHOULD do:
  • Choose a name for your animal clip Billy Bunny, Daisy Duck, Jeremy Giraffe?
  • Remove and recycle all packaging
  • Check the clip before each use
  • Remember this product is NOT a toy
  • Attach clip to baby’s clothing by pulling back the animal and snapping back to fasten
  • Attach the dummy/soother to the hoop
Hand wash with warm water 
Dry before use
Things you SHOULDN’T do:
  • Put this clip in the dishwasher, that’s for dishes
  • Put this clip in the washing machine, that’s for clothes
  • Tread, crawl or chew on this clip, that could weaken it
Attaching the dummy is very simple, pull the hoop apart, slip on the dummy ring and clip the loop back together. From my observations this clip & chain would only be suitable for dummies/soothers that have a dummy ring:
(These do not have a ring, so I feel wouldn’t be suitable)
Where/How to buy:
Dum Dum website
Price: £4.95 each inc P&P or a set of three for £13.00 inc P&P
This is a great solution for assisting in keeping dummies safe, clean and in reach. The teeth on the clip hold much better than any other clip I have tried in the past. It has not marked or teared any of Tigger’s clothing where it has been attached.
Disclosure: We received a Blue Duck Clip & Chain FOC for the purpose of review.

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