I’ve been thinking about this more and more over the last few weeks… When you ask someone, how are you?  Which answer do you want? The ‘fine, thanks,  you?’ or the truth ‘I’m knackered, the… View Post

Roo…   Tigger…   My babies…

The day had finally arrived when I had to leave my baby boy for a whole day with relative strangers.  Anxious doesn’t really cover how I felt but I knew it had to be done. … View Post

My baby girl is growing up so fast, yesterday was her first day in Reception class.  Luckily she attended the pre-school nursery there so it wasn’t a big shock for her.  In fact she has… View Post

Well I’m now officially back at work, no more SAHM for me. As both Roo’s school and Tigger’s nursery were closed Monday and Tuesday for training Daddy was home looking after them both whilst I… View Post

  I was luckily enough to win two tickets to the Manchester Show from The Petit Mom Blog, so I invited one of my oldest friends who lives in Manchester along. I was quite surprised to… View Post

Tigger had his taster day at Nursery on Wednesday.  Roo attended the same nursery from the age of 5 months until she was 2 1/2 years old, so I was fimilar with layout of the… View Post

As part of my ‘Last week as a SAHM’ we went to the Filby Village Fete yesterday on Bank Holiday Monday. The weather was looking like it could turn at any minute which may have… View Post