Mr Boo decided a few weeks ago that we should get Roo a dolls house for Christmas, I had my reservations as to whether she would play with one etc.  However, Mr Boo thought that… View Post

(image credit)   Roo and I were watching the final installment of Harry Potter yesterday morning (she loves HP).  There is a part in there were Harry dies and is speaking with Dumbledore (sorry if… View Post

A Christmas present that could help you receive the gift of life   Trying for a baby can be costly but you can now receive a gift this Christmas that can take away the burden… View Post

  Many parents struggle when it comes to naptime with their toddlers. Knowing what to do to get toddlers to even take their naps can be quite challenging, but there are a few tips to help… View Post

Roo had her Christmas Dinner at school today, she usually takes packed lunch but thought she would enjoy the dinner so booked her in. On the way home from school I asked her if her… View Post

On Sunday, Roo was pestering me to let her make cakes for her teachers at school… This is what happens when you say yes to a five year old… It all starts so well, mix,… View Post

As with any working parent, childcare is a nightmare at the best of times.  However, I always find Christmas the most stressful to try and make alternative arrangements. I work Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week so… View Post

After writing my ‘Exhausted’ post the other day the realisation hit me that maybe I am not Superwoman…  This is a difficult pill for me to swallow.  I have fought to be independent for so… View Post