Yesterday was a very emtional day for two reasons: Firstly, I received a phone call from Roo’s school at 2.37pm to say she had fallen and bumped her head badly and could I come pick… View Post

Today I happened to walk passed the fish tank and notice that our spotty Molly (who keeps giving us lots and lots of baby Mollies… but that’s a different story) was floating at the top… View Post


How different are your children’s personalities and do they reflect yours or your partners in any way? Roo, nearly 5 going on 50!!! High maintenance.  She is a mini-me and boy do we clash… I… View Post

I’ve been thinking about this more and more over the last few weeks… When you ask someone, how are you?  Which answer do you want? The ‘fine, thanks,  you?’ or the truth ‘I’m knackered, the… View Post

Roo…   Tigger…   My babies…

The day had finally arrived when I had to leave my baby boy for a whole day with relative strangers.  Anxious doesn’t really cover how I felt but I knew it had to be done. … View Post