‘Eyes are the window to your soul’ I’m an eyes kinda gal, it was the sparkle in Mr Boo’s eyes that made me fall head over heels all those years ago.   As you can… View Post

This week as been difficult in many ways, we have been rearranging furniture and attempting to sort out all the junk we seemed to have accumulated  (but haven’t managed to make any headway on this one).… View Post

Ingredients   750g/1 ½lb Potatoes 1 level teaspoon salt 25g/1oz Margarine 2 tablespoons milk 100g/4oz Cheddar Cheese 1 small Onion (optional) 1 small tin of baked beans (optional) Oven proof dish   Serves 3-4  … View Post

As today was one of those rare occasion when both children were elsewhere me and Mr Boo grabbed the opportunity to have a lunch date.  Our restaurant of choice today was the Harvester in Lowestoft.… View Post


Yesterday Roo came home from school unhappy as one of the dinner ladies had told her off for having a chocolate heart in her lunchbox.  Can I just clarify the situation by stating that the said chocolate… View Post

This is my first week of listing my reasons to be cheerful, after many weeks reading everyone else’s I thought it about time I had a go. 1. Roo fell over this week on the… View Post

Whilst walking home from town this afternoon Roo noticed a sock laying on the ground (image credit) Roo: Look mummy, a sock Me: Oh yeah, somebody must have dropped it Roo: I wonder who? Me:… View Post

Most of us couldn’t do without our cars – whether to get us to work and back, to do the school-run or to have the freedom to take off for the weekend. But even though… View Post