I am STRESSED… Here goes… So I updated my smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S) last week since then I cannot switch my data usage allowance on.  I can access WiFi etc but not my data/roaming allowance… View Post


Today at Roo’s school they all had to dress up as a character from a traditional tale or nursery rhyme.  Roo decided she wanted to do Little Miss Muffet… All together now, Little Miss Muffet…… View Post

This morning as I walked to work after dropping Tigger at nursery I suddenly thought to myself  ‘I’ve been back at work for a month today’. I many respects I feel as though I have… View Post

I have an issue where I live with relatives of neighbours (and occasionally the neighbours themselves) parking in front of my house.  Let me explain… I live opposite a graveyard (so obviously no houses there!),… View Post



Yesterday was a very emtional day for two reasons: Firstly, I received a phone call from Roo’s school at 2.37pm to say she had fallen and bumped her head badly and could I come pick… View Post

Today I happened to walk passed the fish tank and notice that our spotty Molly (who keeps giving us lots and lots of baby Mollies… but that’s a different story) was floating at the top… View Post