Captions please… I’m linking up to the fabulous Mammasaurus‘ Saturday is Caption Day Meme Boo xxx

Upon picking Roo up from school this afternoon she was carrying a palm tree: Me: What’s that? Roo: It’s a palm tree, what do you think it is? scotch mist? Enough said! Boo xxx

  When I was pregnant with Tigger I often thought about what he would like.  Roo is very talkative and has been from an early age.  If she needs/wants to say something she is not… View Post

We all moan about our NHS, myself included and I work for them! However I don’t think we always appreciate how lucky we really are.   I was reading on another blog the other week about… View Post


Captions please…  I’m linking up to the fabulous Mammasaurus‘ Saturday is Caption Day Meme

Mr Boo is a huge Liverpool FC fan, so much that when he was 17 he had their badge tattooed on his arm.  So as you can imagine Red is the only colour in our… View Post

Depending on who you ask about how good my domestic abilities are, will depend on what answer you receive.  Personally I’d like to think I’m improving, however Mr Boo might disagree…   Over the twelve… View Post

With the milder weather on its way we can finally wave goodbye to those winter germs.  However with the milder weather a new problem can be headed your way if you are one of the… View Post