I’ve been feeling more positive this week and whilst there have been somethings that have gotten on top of me emotionally I have not let them get me down for long.1. Roo advanced to the… View Post

There are 8 cases of chicken pox in Roo’s class at school and there are children missing from every class.  The school are truly having an outbreak and whilst I understand that they can not… View Post

At the beginning of December I received a letter from work informing me of a workforce review.  There was a form attached to the letter as me to complete a number of things, for example,… View Post

I’ve recently joined up with a few blog link ups and it got me thinking… ‘How many other posts does everyone comment on?’ Personally I like to comment on the previous five posts before mine.… View Post


When I had Roo, two of my friends also had just had their first babies too (all of us within a month of each other).  Reaching developmental milestones and achievements seemed to earlier than I… View Post

‘Eyes are the window to your soul’ I’m an eyes kinda gal, it was the sparkle in Mr Boo’s eyes that made me fall head over heels all those years ago.   As you can… View Post

This week as been difficult in many ways, we have been rearranging furniture and attempting to sort out all the junk we seemed to have accumulated  (but haven’t managed to make any headway on this one).… View Post

Ingredients   750g/1 ½lb Potatoes 1 level teaspoon salt 25g/1oz Margarine 2 tablespoons milk 100g/4oz Cheddar Cheese 1 small Onion (optional) 1 small tin of baked beans (optional) Oven proof dish   Serves 3-4  … View Post