Another fabulous prompt from Tara this week.  It made me think about my friendships and how you have friends that you have known forever and friends that are simply the best.   Oldest Friend: T… View Post

Those wonderful people at Organix have been working hard to produce additional Goodies savoury ranges.  Their newest addition is Mini Cheese Crackers which come packs of 4 mini bags. ‘These tasty organic cheese crackers are a… View Post

Roo and I went to the cinema this morning to watch Puss in Boots (another 99p special).  Whilst the opening credits are on screen the Dreamworks boy on the moon comes up. (image credit) Roo:… View Post

Boo xxx

I’ve been trying to introduce Tigger to self feeding for a little while now.  This journey has led me to try a number of different spoons and bowls.Finally I have come across a company that… View Post

  When I saw the prompt for this week’s Photo Gallery I knew which photo I wanted to share with you all, I just needed to search my external HD for it… I’m originally a… View Post

This is my first week at joining in with Kate’s Listography.  After all my recent unhappiness I thought this was a great one to join in with to show you all I’m not all about… View Post

Short but sweet this week as I’m typing this as Tigger is having a power nap1. Roo has moved up another level in reading, she is now on level 5.  I’m so proud of her… View Post

This morning as I was changing Tigger I noticed something on his stomach, oh please no… he has got chicken pox!  I knew it was a possibility as Roo had it recently but as nothing… View Post