This is my first week at joining in with Kate’s Listography.  After all my recent unhappiness I thought this was a great one to join in with to show you all I’m not all about… View Post

Short but sweet this week as I’m typing this as Tigger is having a power nap1. Roo has moved up another level in reading, she is now on level 5.  I’m so proud of her… View Post

This morning as I was changing Tigger I noticed something on his stomach, oh please no… he has got chicken pox!  I knew it was a possibility as Roo had it recently but as nothing… View Post


Captions please…     I’m linking up to the fabulous Mammasaurus‘ Saturday is Caption Day Meme  

I was tagged by the lovely Jennie from Edspire in this fabulous meme.  It’s actually something I have been thinking about as this year I turn 30!  I’ve decided to stick with the ‘things to do… View Post

It’s been a difficult week, well month really.  It’s started me thinking that I need to be more thankful of the everyday things rather than the grand gestures or milestone. 1. Mr Boo and I… View Post

I was tagged by the lovely Budgeting Mum, who has inspired me to sort out my junk and sell it on various websites in order to save up for all the things I want. The… View Post

So on Saturday night I was getting ready to attend my friend/colleagues 50th birthday party when Roo came through, sat on the bed and said: Roo: Now you will be good at this party Me:… View Post