I’m late posting my #R2BC this week, no good excuse really just been to drained to many posts this week.  There’s my reasons for this week:1. Tigger’s appointment to see the surgeon has come through,… View Post

When I saw the prompt this week for the Photo Gallery I knew which picture to show you.   The story behind the photo is that the morning of our wedding Mr Boo rang our… View Post

Both kiddies have been ill seen last week, which in turn means I have not slept in my bed since Thursday, yes Thursday! I miss my bed…   Tigger has been unable to sleep due… View Post

Dear Washing Fairies, I don’t mind sorting the washing into colours, whites etc I don’t mind loading the washing machine, selecting the right program and laundry powder I don’t mind emptying it and hanging out… View Post

Organix has launched ‘Goodies Organic Veg & Oat Bars’, an innovative tasty savoury snack to keep toddlers going between meals.  The bars are part of the new Goodies Savouries range – a variety of toddler… View Post


Today has been one of those days were I don’t know if I’m coming or going. Firstly, today is Mr Boo’s nanny’s birthday and as she is so very ill I didn’t know what to… View Post

I’ve had a lot on my mind this week and been a little withdrawn (my family are probably enjoying the peace and quiet).  Mr Boo’s nanny is still in hospital and is so very ill,… View Post

When I read this week’s photo gallery’s prompt I was both excited and nervous.  On one hand I thought how great that we all get to see what we happen to be doing whilst reading… View Post