Aren’t kiddies lovely, you give them a deliciious snack and they proceed to drop it all over the floor. Wouldn’t it be lovely if there was something available to help keep their snack in one… View Post

After months and months of trying, I finally think that Tigger has the hang of this self-feeding lark. He will quite happily (well most of the time) sit down and munch away with the rest… View Post

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This time last year I was typing my very first blog post… Coming to the end…  Since writing this first post my life has changed so much.Boo – WorkI returned to work and to my surprise I… View Post

It’s that time of the year again when parents all over the country are preparing to send our little darlings back to school. Whilst I love that schools have a uniform policy, as it a)… View Post

Recently a very special visitor came to stay at our house. Let me introduce you to Wenlock… Wenlock is one of the official mascots of the London 2012 Olympic games. However to Tigger Wenlock is… View Post

     …my life changed The day that…      …’I’ became a ‘we’ The day that…      …my heart was spliced with Mr Boo forever The day that…      … I became… View Post

Roo has gone away for two weeks to stay with her Granny. Along with her clothes, Lucy Bear and a few toys I usually pack some DVDs to keep her entertained.Not this time, Warner Bros.… View Post

This time last week I made the decision to go and visit my dad (let’s call home Bob). Those of you who read npmy previous post ‘hypocrite or duty bound’ will know that I was… View Post