Puro Sound Labs | PuroBasic Volume Limiting Wired Headphones for Kids + #Giveaway

May 8, 2020 1 Comment

Over the last few weeks technology has come into its own whilst the children are at home during the lockdown. As I prepared for homeschooling I did what most parents did and collated pens, pencils, paper and books. Knowing that at least two of the children would be accessing their schoolwork online I also added a pair of PuroBasic Volume Limiting Wired Headphones for Kids. So that the children could listen to prerecorded lessons, YouTube videos and take part in Zoom lessons without disturbing their siblings who they will be learning alongside.

How to get started with Bakugan® + #Giveaway

May 7, 2020 1 Comment

Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate Bakugan® Master? Then face off against your friends with your very own Bakugan®! Pop-open figures transform from BakuBalls to Bakugan®! Recreate the excitement of the show and collect all your favourite characters! These fierce creatures pop open, transforming in one roll! Enter Battle Planet and get ready to Bakugan® brawl!

20 Self Care Ideas for Teens

May 6, 2020 12 Comments

Is your teen able to cope with the burden of school deadlines, packed schedules and activity-laden evenings? Even as adults we are exhausted and sometimes unaware of the toll stress in our lives. By maintaining a regular self-care routine we will have to be ready. So we need to teach our teenagers, as parents, how to incorporate self-care practices into their lives

Life In Lockdown | Homeschooling: A learning journey for parents and children

May 5, 2020 6 Comments

Being a parent you like to think that you know everything about your children. To a certain extent you do, you can spot their personality traits, what makes them laugh and cry. However, one area that we don’t necessarily know about is what they are like at school. Their approach to learning, characteristics etc. Whilst parents evenings give you an insight, there is nothing like being there in the thick of things to see first hand.

Life in Lockdown | Creating family time {Week 7}

May 3, 2020 2 Comments

It’s easy to think that the past six weeks in lockdown is just an extended summer holiday. With the weather improving, the lighter evenings and spending time in the garden. I can fool myself into thinking that we have just pressed pause on the remote control of life. Of course, we haven’t done that. The world to some extent is still continuing outside our little comfort zone. Whilst there are things that I am beginning to miss from the outside world, I don’t feel that we are in a position to lift the lockdown and go about our business as we once did.

21 Instant Pot Family Meals Everyone Will Enjoy

May 2, 2020 12 Comments

Similar to a crockpot or slow cooker, an Instant Pot is a great kitchen appliance that I highly recommend to anyone. You can do just about anything in one. They’re perfect for dinners that you just want to dump in a pot and let the machine take over the cooking. Or even on days that are too hot to bother turning the oven on for.

The Month That Was… April 2020

May 1, 2020 11 Comments

Our first full month of lockdown is completed, something which I think we have managed to adjust to. Of course, there are the days when we are longing for the outside world. Able to head off on family adventures and see other people other than our own little family unit. Although I’m not quite sure I’m ready for the world to return to ‘normal’ just yet. Slow and steady wins the race rather than rushing too soon.

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