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What I’m Kindle Reading | Only In Atlanta

October 31, 2021

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Are you ready for the Only In Atlanta series from Katie Bailey? Laugh-out-loud funny, swoony, closed-door romantic comedies. Expect some mild language and suggestive jokes alongside sizzling hot chemistry and tension you could cut with a knife—all without the explicit scenes.

Only In Atlanta Book Series by Katie Bailey

The Roommate Situation (Only in Atlanta Book 1)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Returning home to Atlanta might have taken Jess 850 miles in a car with dodgy AC and only her fern houseplant for company. But she knows that leaving New York is best for her despite now being homeless, jobless and friendless. Luckily she can always rely on her big brother Aiden – although he is out of town in LA, she manages to convince him to let her stay in his house but cuts him off before he can tell her some key information.

Conor managed to gain a 10-minute heads up from Aiden before Jess came crashing into his world. As Aiden’s roommate he is happy to welcome Jess, however, he wasn’t ready for the immediate spark he felt – repeating that she is Aiden’s sister on a loop to keep himself from crossing any lines. Not that this stops him from finding out info from her brother and using it to his advantage – like her number to send flirty messages.

Job hunting isn’t going well which means she won’t have any money to move out any time soon and with her old friends linked to her cheating ex (that she left in New York), she’s feeling a little out of things. Between Aiden’s next-door neighbour, Courtney and her new roommate Conor, Jess soon settles but is finding her attraction to Conor hard to deal with, Agreeing to help him stage one of the houses he is flipping, they embark on spending more time together, agreeing on dates – and falling in love? But what will Aiden think about all of this when he returns home?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback, Hardback and Kindle Edition.

The Neighbor War (Only in Atlanta Book 2)

Courtney has worked at Petit Soleil for a while now and despite being passed over for promotion several times, she still holds out hope that this will help her save for her own dog-related business. Finding her neighbor and arch-nemesis Aiden in the restaurant she tries everything to get out of serving him and his date. However, a misunderstanding with his date leads to Aiden being covered in dessert, a video going viral, and Courtney being fired.

Providing a secure future is important to Aiden after a loving but somewhat hippy upbringing. He has worked hard for his home and invests his money in his rare sneaker collection. He has been trying to land a big client and subsequent promotion at work. However, the viral video from the restaurant put this in jeopardy as the clients want a loved-up, reliable account manager. Confessing that he has a girlfriend and is in love – despite not having that special someone to call his own.

A miscommunication between Aiden’s boss and Courtney’s latest dog walking client leads to them pretending to be a couple. Backfiring not only as they bicker every chance, they get but also when the client wants to send them on a couple’s retreat. Courtney is hiding a secret from Aiden (and all her friends) as well as feeling as though she is not good enough, not pretty enough etc. But Aiden has always felt drawn to her – there is a fine line between love and hate after all.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback, Hardback and Kindle Edition.

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