Oh No! The dishwasher is leaking…

November 25, 2011

For a few days we have noticed that when walking in the kitchen in socks that our feet keep getting wet, even when there is no visible water on the floor. Always in front of the dishwasher so today after work I thought, ‘I’ll just take a look’…

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I pulled the dishwasher forward when suddenly I heard a hissing sound…

OMG! its water, where is the water coming from???

I looked under sink and found it spraying from the water hose pipe connected to the dishwasher. I turned it off, when I realised that this must have been slowly leaking for a long time as the back of the cabinet was wet and had mold spores.

I decided to look behind the dishwasher and under the cabinet to find a river of water just sitting there, so the water must have been seeping through the grout in the tiles.
I have called an engineer out but he isn’t coming until Monday! so until then I’m trying my best to soak up the river under the kitchen cabinets and hope for the best on Monday.

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