Life In Lockdown | On Our Own {Week 19}

July 26, 2020

Although the children have more or less been at home since mid-March, the school summer holidays are a welcome milestone this week. The learning from home and preschool runs are on hold until September. I’m not sure whether or not they will be back then or not. It’s seven weeks away and a lot can happen in that time.

Overcoming disappointment

This week contained some disappointing news and revelations. Although to be disappointed would mean that I had expectations in the first place. Which when I think about it those expectations disappeared long ago. So I suppose I can’t really say that I’m disappointed, moreover, saddened by things. As a parent, I hoped that I would be able to offer my children more from their childhood that I did. However, it appears that I’ve failed in many respects which I’m sure you can understand is a bitter pill to swallow.

Farewell preschool

It’s been quite a journey with Piglet her time in preschool. From finding out that she would be starting nine months later than planned, to thinking that she wouldn’t gain a 30-hour preschool placement. Eventually, she started in September, then lockdown took hold and she tried to adjust to a life with only us for social interaction. As restrictions eased she returned for the last few weeks of the school year which has done her the world of god. Now it’s time to say farewell ready to start Reception in September.

Slowing down for summer

Usually, as the summer holidays approach I’m frantically trying to get campaigns and projects completed so I can spend quality time with the children. The lockdown has seen the majority of my work postponed until an unknown date. So slowing down for the summer is somewhat easier this year. Although I am hoping that a sudden influx of work will pop up as I could really do with the financial boost.

Annual leave

Today marks the start of a week’s annual leave for What The Dad Said. His first lot of time off since February. With earlier holiday dates cancelled/postponed due to the lockdown. Although we should have been making our way to Scotland in the morning for a week’s holiday – this too sadly cancelled due to COVID-19. We do have a couple of trips booked using our Merlin Annual Passes but conscious that What The Dad Said has been working hard to feed the nation so needs to relax and rest up this week – if that is possible with three children at home.

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