Life in Lockdown | Do you have to make so much noise? {Week 23}

August 23, 2020

AD | Gifted

I feel this week has been surrounded by a constant source of noise. I’m sure that the children have found their volume knobs and turned them up to full volume – especially Piglet. A stream of questions, moans and groans alongside banging and clattering. But that’s family life for you and I don’t think I’d have it any other way – although I have to confess to enjoying my few hours on my own in the car as I completed my weekly chores.


Although we had originally planned to visit Alton Towers this week with the children. A combination of weather issues, as well as, What The Dad Said busy with work has meant that we have postponed our trip until later in the month. This gave us a free day this week to check out the new INTERLUDE Circus Treats show from Norwich Theatre and Lost in Translation Circus. A chance to see the finest international circus performers in this thrilling family circus variety show. Featuring an exciting line-up of aerial, acrobatics, comedy and juggling.


This week I was able to apply for my second SEISS Grant. A welcome financial boost given that I’m still nowhere near my usual earnings. I confess that I’m still annoyed that the HMRC are taking tax year 2016/17 into consideration despite me being on maternity leave. I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth but still very frustrating.


After applying for several job roles last week, I have received rejections from each of them. I’m attempting to stay positive and understand that there are a number of people looking for new jobs at the moment. But I don’t have up to date experience after being at home for five years so it’s going to take time. Fingers crossed I manage to find something, even if it is just a temporary Christmas role.

You want to play with me?

Given that one of the main reasons we sent Piglet back to preschool when the restricted school openings happened was to nurture her social spirit. She loves to be with and around others. This week the being back at home for the summer has hit her hard. Thankfully her siblings have taken her under their wing and have made an effort to include her in their games and activities.

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