A small child is sitting in the grass

Get the Kids Growing Their Own Fruit and Veg this Summer

April 17, 2017

Many parents will have the same battle with their kids most nights, as they try to get them to eat their veggies. However, what could be more exciting for children than seeing plants grow from a tiny little seed they’ve planted themselves? And the best bit is, they even get to taste the fruits of their labour afterward!

A small child is sitting in the grass

To help turn your kids into green-fingered gardeners, here are some top tips:

Keep it Quick

To keep the kids intrigued about growing their own fruit and veg, you’ll need to opt for plants that will grow quite quickly. That’s why it’s a good idea to get all the right equipment in place before you start, e.g. cloches, fruit cages and so on, which can be bought from companies like Premier Polytunnels.

Then, opt for quick-growing vegetables, like radishes, as these only take a few weeks until they’re ready to harvest. Other vegetables such as peas, first early potatoes, mixed salad leaves and beetroot are a great idea too, as they can be harvested while they’re young.

Keep it Simple

Containers and raised beds are ideal for the kids to have some fun in, and will keep their vegetables separate from the rest of your garden, or what you’re growing yourself. These are also easy for them to access, so your child can harvest their plants easily. You could even get creative with where you’re planting things, using quirky things such an old sink or a Wellington boot!

Keep it Tasty

When they’ve grown all these tasty fruits and vegetables, you’ll be amazed at what they actually want to eat. Plus, fruit and veg always tastes much better when it’s picked fresh from your own garden.

Whether they’re digging around in a pot to find some potatoes, they’re popping peas out of their pods or they’re munching on a carrot that they’ve just pulled from their veggie patch, kids will love uncovering the treasure they’ve grown. They’ll be in awe of these amazing vegetables that have appeared from little seedlings, and just with a little sprinkle of magic water.

It really doesn’t have to be hard to get the kids stuck into the garden, and into their dinner! Simply grab a bag of compost and some seeds from your local shop, and start planting. In next to no time, you’ll all be enjoying delicious and nutritious vegetables that you’ve all grown together!

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