It’s time for bed Baby Annabell® Mia… Sweet Dreams

March 29, 2019

This is a gifted partnership with Baby Annabell®

As a family with thrive off a routine, of course, not all families are like this. Whilst some are very much able to go with the flow and ‘wing it’, we find that the children respond better if they know what is expected for them and what is coming next. There is, of course, a degree of flexibility in our routines however, on the whole, they are the same pattern.

Take bedtime, for example, each of the children knows that as playtime winds down for the day, it will soon be ready for pyjamas, bedtime snack and of course, bed. Piglet has recently been sent the Baby Annabell® Sweet Dreams range so that she can interact with baby Mia in role-playing bedtime routines with her very own baby doll.


As any parent will tell you playtime is important. Whilst it keeps little ones occupied and hopefully stopping them asking 101 questions. It is also important to help in using up their energy reserves so that they are tired and ready for bed later.

Watching Piglet interact with the Baby Annabell® Mia is heart warming. She is not only attempting to interact and engage with her just as she would with her friends at preschool. She is also showing such love and tenderness towards Mia – truly beautiful to watch.

Dressed for bed

With playtime over it is time to get ready for bed. Time for toys to be packed away ready for another day. And the time to change into pyjamas and getting hair brushed to help prevent any knots. Pyjamas are must loved in our house, with new ones received for birthday’s, Christmas and even at Easter. Piglet loved that Mia was able to have her own special pair of pyjamas to change into in order to be ready for bed.

Time for milk

As babies the children had one last bottle before bed and as they have grown up this has changed to be either a small bedtime snack or a hot chocolate. Piglet has recently discovered the wonderful world of hot chocolate before bed and it certainly one of her favourite times of the day.

Baby Annabell® Mia comes with her own bottle (plus dummy and rattle) so enable little ones to spend some quality time feeding her. Whether they think it is milk, water, juice or even hot chocolate.

Shhh… It’s time for sleep

Placed in the Baby Annabell® Sweet Dreams Rocker baby Mia is changed, fed and ready for bed. The soft rocking motion is there to help her drift off to sleep – although it’s worth noting that the Baby Annabell® Mia doll doesn’t actually close its eyes when laid down, which Piglet couldn’t really understand.

After all the preparation, all the lead up it’s finally time to cosy in and time to go to sleep. Given that we have always used the same routine for Piglet she is fully aware that this is the final step in the bedtime routine. Time for the lights to be turned down low and for lullabies to be started before one last cuddle. It’s wonderful to see her share her bedtime routine with Baby Annabell Mia.

Where to buy the Baby Annabell® Sweet Dreams range

The Baby Annabell® Sweet Dreams range including Baby Annabell® Mia doll, Baby Annabell® Sweet Dreams Rocker and Sweet Dreams pyjamas are available to buy from Amazon and all other leading toy retailers.

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