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4 Personalities And How To Pick The Perfect Engagement Ring For Them

June 16, 2017

An engagement ring is by far one of the most special and personal things a lady will ever receive. After all, it is something she is going to wear for the rest of her life. Knowing which ring will be perfect for your bride-to-be is so important that both her lifestyle and her personality should be at the top of your list of considerations. So, which ring will suit her personality best?

Whether you yourself are trying to figure out your ideal engagement ring style so you can start dropping hints, or you are desperately wanting to figure out what style you should buy for your bride to be, we can help you find the perfect engagement rings in Toronto or in your local area.

Picking an Engagement Ring According to Personality

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The City Girl

A city girl is sleek, modern, and is fashion-forward with minimal effort. She’s a Sex in the City type of fan, obsessed with the latest and hottest cocktails, power suits, and the hottest spots to be seen. This kind of women deserves a ring that reflects her effortlessly chic approach. Check out sculptural engagement rings that tend to experiment with non-traditional forms. Take a look at rings with a bezel setting that feature a thin metal band and holds the diamond around the girdle. If you’d prefer something completely non-traditional, contemplate buying a wide band ring that sports intricate details.

The Traditional Woman

While some women can think of nothing more plain and boring than a classic solitaire engagement ring, for others, it is their dream ring. It is a timeless option and shows off the centre diamond without any distractions and it is pure, simple elegance. Solitaire rings feature a centre diamond and tend to be the most popular option for engagement rings. Traditional does not equal boring, but sometimes, less truly is more.

The Fashionista

A fashionista is a woman who really enjoys standing out. She knows what she likes, and it is usually fashion. This is a woman who won’t be blown away by classic, simple designs that look like they’ve been picked off any old shelf. For this lady, you may need to go totally custom. Consider picking out a loose diamond and have it set in a unique setting. This means you will have a ring that is completely bespoke. If she has her heart set on dazzling with glamor, she will like settings that hold the stone somewhat higher on her finger, which makes for an eye-catching design and one that makes the centre diamond look larger.

The Outdoor Enthusiast

This is a nature loving lady. Ring settings for outdoor types can incorporate elements of nature in the designs, like flowers, vines, or leaves. If your lady loves physical activities, you may want to consider getting her a setting which will hold the diamond a little lower on her finger to avoid it catching on anything. There are several designs that are great for this. A ring with a thin metal band, or perhaps a bezel setting that will hug the diamond is also ideal for keeping her precious stone properly protected.

If you’re looking for an engagement ring that will fit her personality, the points we’ve discussed above will certainly help you.

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