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Fun Ways to Celebrate Pregnancy Milestones

June 28, 2020

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You and your unborn child go through so many changes over the course of nine months. With each passing week, your body changes and grows to accommodate your developing baby. Though a blessing, the journey from conception to birth can be physically and emotionally taxing at times. That’s why so many women love to be able to celebrate the milestones as they countdown the days until their bundle of joy arrives. 

Pregnancy Announcements

The first trimester in pregnancy is critical. It is during this time in the pregnancy that your baby is developing its major organs and body structure. This is also, unfortunately, the timeframe in which miscarriages are most likely to occur. For this reason, most couples don’t share the news until after they’ve had a positive visit with their doctor around 3 months. 

Once your doctor has given you and your unborn child a good bill of health, naturally, you want to share the news with everyone. Instead of calling friends and family one by one, you can create a pregnancy announcement. Couples have gotten quite creative when it comes to these announcements by capturing the moment in photos and videos. From wearing custom printed shirts that say you’re expecting, a great way to get the kids and pets involved, there are a lot of ways to spread the news about your pregnancy. 

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Gender Reveal Parties

About halfway through your pregnancy, you’re able to find out the gender of your unborn child. While some couples prefer it to be a surprise, many couples like knowing in advance and celebrating the news with their loved ones in a special way. There are plenty of fun gender reveal ideas to consider. You can create a video or live stream and announce it online or you might prefer to have a party. 

Invite your friends and family over to see the grand reveal in person. The party should include things like games, food, beverages, and entertainment. It can be small and intimate and held in your home or upscale and elaborate and hosted at a nearby venue. Of course, no gender reveal party is complete without the grand reveal. You could do a basketball gender reveal, powder cannon, confetti, smoke bombs, cakes, and much more. 

Baby Showers

As your due date gets closer, the need to prepare for the baby becomes increasingly important. You’ll need everything from diapers and bottles to cribs and strollers. While you may have already purchased some of these things, you can knock a few more things off your list and save money by hosting a baby shower. 

Similar to a gender reveal party you would invite everyone to your home or a venue to celebrate the upcoming arrival of your baby. You can create an Amazon baby wish list or registry at your favourite stores which is essentially a list of items you would like your guests to purchase. Guests will have a good time playing baby shower games, socializing, and enjoying a good meal. Then, you’d open your gifts for everyone to see and give thanks. 

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Once you’re in your third trimester you only have a few weeks before you’ll be a parent. Though parenting is great it is also life-changing. You and your significant other might want to take this time to get away before your little one arrives. Plan a babymoon with just the two of you. Go someplace you’ve always wanted to go or really enjoy traveling to, try new things, take in the culture, and, of course, relax and unwind. 

There’s a lot that happens during the course of a pregnancy. As beautiful as it is to bring life into the world, however, parts of the journey can get emotionally and physically draining. Though there are lots of ways to ease the stress (on your mind and body) and enjoy your pregnancy, there’s often a no better solution than celebrating with your friends and family. Try some of these fun and creative ways to celebrate the milestones as you wait for your precious angel to arrive. 

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