A child reading a book

There’s a Boy Just Like Me

June 25, 2018

Last week at the children’s school their focus was on empathy. What it means, how to express empathy and how showing empathy can mean so much to others. To coincide with this we have been reading a beautiful book at home – There’s a Boy Just Like Me.

In 2017 The Book People ran a writing competition for children. Frasier Cox was just nine years old when he wrote this winning story. Frasier’s story was selected as the winner by a panel of judges that included TV favourite Claudia Winkleman and radio DJ and Radio Boy author Christian O’Connell. There’s a Boy Just Like Me is a heart-warming tale of friendship between the author and a refugee who shares the same interests and childhood hopes and dreams. 

There’s a Boy Just Like Me

A child reading a book

The refugee crisis, which has dominated headlines, has made it into the hearts and minds of our children too. This emotive story shows that despite different lives, languages, and cultures we are all human. It reminds readers that in finding common ground we can hope to find friendship.

Beautifully illustrated by Alison Brown who aids bringing Frasier’s words to life for the children reading this emotive story. Showcasing the different things that the boys love to do from climbing trees to hopes for their future careers.

The first time we read through the book together I did not tell the children that it had been written by a nine-year old. The words, the thoughts and feelings expressed throughout the book are wise beyond  years. Once the children learnt who had written the book they were surprised and thought that he was very kind to express such empathy especially to someone he doesn’t know.

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As parents, we teach our children to be polite. The importance of using manners, holding doors for others and taking turns. Ensuring that our children share with their friends and siblings. That they listen and learn at school. Although we remind them to be careful and aware of others feelings and situations. Empathy can a difficult thing for them to grasp. This book allows the children to understand that at the heart of it all children are just the same.

A beautiful story showcasing the empathy we all should be applying to the world around us. There is a beautiful line in the story that we could all do with taking on board…

‘If we could find friendship, our world would be good’


There’s A Boy Just Like Me // Where Can I Buy?

At least 35% of the price of the book will be donated to Save the Children, a charity that fights every single day for children’s futures. The book is available to buy exclusively at BookPeople.co.uk, features illustrations from top children’s book illustrator Alison Brown and published by Little Tiger.

Collaborative Review – We received a copy of There’s A Boy Just Like Me from The Book People

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