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ErgoPouch easing bedtime worries

July 13, 2017

With three children I have had my fair share of bedtime issues with each of them. From Roo, who just wanted to hold my hand all the time – which was lovely whilst she was in the Moses basket next to the bed but no so much once she was in her cot. Then Tigger, who decided that he’d like to wake hourly for almost two years just for a quick cuddle – endearing but so tiring.

Then there is Piglet, who possibly sleeps better than them all, apart from she is a jiffler – she is almost never in the same place when I go back in to check on her. Blankets etc. don’t last five minutes as they are discarded against the side of the cot. Thankfully ErgoPouch has come to my rescue with two of their best-selling products.

ErgoPouch Sleepsuit Bag // Pink Cherry

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ErgoPouch Sleepsuit Bag // Features

  • Converts from a sleeping bag to a sleep suit with legs using 4-way zippers
  • Non-slip grip on the feet
  • TOG (warmth) rated to measure thermal resistance for different seasons
  • No photochemical used
  • Only organic fabrics, with natural bamboo cotton and merino wool used
  • Made with natural fibres that are soft and breathable and less likely to aggravate itchy skins
  • Can be used in a pushchair or even a car seat (perfect when travelling)

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ErgoPouch Sleepsuit Bag // Practicalities

I’m a bit of a sucker when it comes to sleeping bags for babies. There is something so adorable about them that gets me every time. However, once little ones start standing up and walking I worry about them tripping over etc. The brains behind the ErgoPouch Sleepsuit bag have thought about this worry too and have produced a sleeping bag that converts easily into a sleepsuit with legs. Not only alleviating my concerns about them falling over but perfect for travelling too. As you can then easily add the 5-point harness in a pushchair or car seat.

ergoPouch and Bag

The soft 50% organic cotton and 50% Bamboo filling make the sleepsuit bag comfortable top wear and still have a great range of movement in too. Behind each of the zips included is a stretchy panel so that the zips never touch little ones’ skin and cause irritation.

Available in a range of beautiful designs as well as tog ratings you are able to ensure that you have the right one for the time of year. As ErgoPouch is an Australian brand the 1 tog sleepsuit bag that Piglet has been using can still be worn when her nursery is 21-24C which before she would have had to only have a sleepsuit on. This way I can ensure she has the comfort and softness from the sleepsuit bag whilst only having a nappy or vest underneath.

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The only downside I have found with the ErgoPouch Sleepsuit Bag is that the product and care labels are located in the neckline which when used in the summer with just a nappy one can cause a bit of irritation against the little one’s delicate skin.

ErgoPouch Bamboo Stretch Sheet

Hands up who has been out to buy new sheets for their child’s cot and bought the wrong ones – I have done this repeatedly. Thankfully ErgoPouch understands that there are (hopefully) many people like me who have the same issue. Their ErgoPouch Bamboo Stretch Sheet fits any size and shape cot up to a single bed!

A baby lying on a bed

ErgoPouch Bamboo Stretch Sheet // Features

  • Fits any size and shape cot up to a single bed
  • 4 way stretch fabric construction, seamless design
  • Skin-friendly and eco-friendly – grown without pesticides or chemicals
  • Hypo-allergenic/anti-bacterial. Anti-fungal/anti-static

ErgoPouch Bamboo Stretch Sheet // Practicalities

Taking the Ergo Bamboo Stretch Sheet out of the box it comes in (no fussy plastic packaging to worry about) you are immediately aware of just how soft and cosy the sheet feels. Giving it a stretch to see how well it performs I was surprised to see that it would easily fit a single bed. Adding it to Piglet’s cot mattress there was some excess fabric that needed to be tucked underneath, however, this wasn’t an issue.

Made with 95% bamboo viscose jersey and 5% elastane for stretch, it feels soft against the skin and is really easy to wash. It is supported by the Eczema Association Australasia and it is easy to see why as the hypo-allergenic and antibacterial properties are perfect to aid restful sleep for those with eczema or sensitive skin (all three of my children suffer from sensitive skin and areas of eczema).

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Disclosure: We received an ErgoPouch Pink Cherry Sleepsuit and ErgoPouch Bamboo Stretch Sheet FOC for the purpose of review.

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