Do your children know the value of money? #thinkmoney

Children live in this blissful world where they don’t need to worry about making money, keeping tabs on how they spend it and how much everything costs. So when I was sent this sweet video where the makers had asked several children their thoughts on money I suddenly realised just how misguided our children really are.
After watching the video I wondered what Roo’s thoughts on money were so I decided that I would ask her the same questions to gauge her understanding on money. Please take a look at how she answered…

As you can see some unexpected answers, I think I have my work cut out explaining to her that Mummy & Daddy don’t earn anywhere near as much as she thinks we do.
Fancying joining and seeing what your little ones thoughts are towards money? Simply ask them the following questions…
  • How much does a house cost?
  • How much does a car cost?
  • If you had all the money in the world, what would you spend it on?
  • How much does Mummy or Daddy make?
  • Who is the richest person you know?
  • Where do you think money comes from?
I’d love to see you blog posts and/or videos so please do leave the link in the comments if you decide to join in (please include the hashtag #ThinkMoney).
Boo xxx
Disclosure Policy: I have received no financial compensation for this post, I just thought it was a cute way to learn about children’s thoughts on money.

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