A box filled with different types of food on a plate

Bakewell offering me a helping hand in the kitchen

August 23, 2018

If you were to ask my family, friends or Mr Boo about my cooking talents. Once they had finished laughing they would probably explain that my application to Masterchef is on permanent hold. My defence to this is that as I grew up my Mam and my Granny would show me how to make biscuits, bake cakes and make tasty treats. Never did either of them think to pull me to one side and show me how to make a family meal or even the basics.

Whilst I have improved over the years that Mr Boo and I have been together I’m still not a culinary whizz in the kitchen. Although after our first Christmas dinner disaster the only way was up after that one (raw turkey resulting in a sausage, beans and chips dinner). When it comes to cooking I have a couple of issues, firstly, the time that it can take to prepare especially when juggling three children. Secondly, the cooking time, going back to stir something, basting or turning just doesn’t happen as I forget. Lastly, the clearing up afterwards. The prospect of scrubbing at oven trays etc once we’ve eaten or when the children are finally in bed is quite frankly the last thing I want to do.

Bakewell Home Kitchen

A box filled with different types of food on a plate

Cooking Up Solutions Since 1975

Our range of cooking essentials have been designed so you can make good quality, fuss-free, healthy food for you and the whole family, whilst helping keep your kitchen sparkly clean!

Given my reluctance in the kitchen I do tend to stick to the same recipes and very rarely step outside my comfort zone. Bakewell recently challenged me to utilise their home kitchen products in my family cooking. To see whether they would make the process easier, cleaner and nutritious.

As the selection of oven bags and slow cooker liners arrived, I turned and looked at Mr. Boo and declared that I was going to prepare a roast dinner. You can imagine the look on his face at the prospect of an at best half cooked chicken and rock hard vegetables. However, I looked at him and explained that I could do this (I was trying to convince myself more than him).

Bakewell offering me a helping hand in the kitchen

I don’t think anyone really loves the clearing up after preparing and cooking a family meal. So the idea that I could add almost a whole roast dinner inside an oven was very pleasing. Available in a range of sizes the Bakewell Oven Bags are perfect to use whether you are cooking a couple of chicken breasts in a delicious sauce or a joint of meat and vegetables for a good old-fashioned family roast.

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Using the oven bags are so simple (even I can do it). Simply select the size of bag you need for the task at hand. Open it up, folding the top down a few times will make it easier to fill with the meat and vegetables. Then secure with the plastic tie included. Before you pop it into the oven for the required amount of time depending on what you are making.

Please note that you need to ensure that the bag does not come into contact with the sides or top of your oven. The oven bag will fill with air whilst cooking so you may need to adjust your oven shelves to accommodate. 

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Once in the oven, it is a case of sitting back and waiting for the timer to go off. I will confess to stalking the oven door hoping that I’d done everything right and that once the beeps went off I’d end up with a delicious roast chicken.

An hour and a half after going into the oven, I tentatively opened the oven door to find the oven bag and expanded. Cocooned inside was a gold brown roast chicken that looked like it had also relaxed whilst it was in the oven. Carefully removed from the oven and placed on the side, I cut open the oven bag taking care of the escaping steam.

A quick prod of the chicken revealed that it was not only cooked perfectly (if I do say so myself) but beautifully moist and falling off the bone. Serving up alongside potatoes, vegetables and Yorkshire puddings. I was so impressed with my first attempt at using an oven bag and loved that the juices were contained in the bag which could then be used for the gravy or poured away without making a mess.

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Oven bags are the way forward

After being able to make a roast dinner utilising the oven bags I have been experimenting with different dishes. Preparing and cooking chicken breasts in a marinade or an oven variation of my slow cooker pulled pork recipe has been so easy to do.

Bakewell Home Kitchen Oven Bags // Where Can I Buy?

The range of Bakewell Home Kitchen oven bags, slow cooker liners, and other kitchen products are available to buy from Amazon and most major supermarkets.

More information on the Bakewell products and recipes can be found at www.bakewellproducts.com

Collaborative Article with Bakewell

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