A pair of glasses on a blanket, with Yellow

Amazon Fire for Kids, Green Day, and Harry Potter Book Night #LittleLoves

February 2, 2018

Poor Piglet didn’t have a great start to the week succumbing to one of the winter bugs. It’s so hard to see any of the children poorly especially when vomiting is involved (I just can’t deal with vomit). Thankfully with lots of mummy cuddles and the assistance of Frozen she is back to her usual self.

This week’s #LittleLoves…

A pair of glasses on a blanket, with Yellow


Whilst setting up the children’s new Amazon Fire for Kids tablet I suddenly realised that I am able to access my Kindle account on there. So I’ve added a few more books to my reading list and have made a start on my first book of the year.


I’m ready for the new seasons of shows making their way on to the TV. With Call The Midwife a highlight on a Sunday evening (although I tend to watch it during nap time on a Monday). The Crown Season 2 is still on my Netflix watch list. I feel as though I need to set aside dedicated time to watch and digest.


I’ve been attempting to blast through deadlines this week. Easier said than done when your brain won’t connect the words in your head into sentences. I turned to the Green Day American Idiot album to kick-start my brain cells into action – and it’s a great beat to increase my typing levels too.


Not sure I’ve accomplished anything under this heading. Unless reaching the bottom of the laundry basket counts?


We celebrated Harry Potter Book Night at our local Waterstones. It’s no secret how much we love Harry Potter and have been attending the book night for the last few years. The children love to Don their Hogwarts robes and take part in the different activities around the store.


I’m on the countdown to the half term holidays. I had a mild panic earlier in the week when I realised that I hadn’t arranged anything for us to do but I’m thinking it might be good to stay close to home and chill out.

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