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5 Luxury Travel Destinations in 2018 You Must Visit

January 24, 2018

Luxury travel ideas have evolved over time and we are now in the age where people are looking for something unique, something authentic and something that they haven’t done before. Along with these ideas are some travellers who like to treat themselves to a luxurious stay, some exquisite activities and of course, some pampering. Bringing you destinations from all around the world that are an amalgamation of the above two categories, we have the top 5 luxury travel destinations in 2018 that you must visit. Glance through our list and plan a vacation to any one of these soon.

East Coast, Australia

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Inclusive of some happening places like Sydney and Melbourne, the East Coast of Australia makes for a one of a kind travel destination. Head out to any one of these lively cities to enjoy the nightlife, some shopping, and sightseeing. Known for its unmatchable seafood, the blend of cuisines and the dancing flavours will keep you wanting for more. Needless to say, a dive down to the Great Barrier Reef is mandatory. Experience the largest living thing on Earth and the life of the small fish that it shelters.

Amalfi coast

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The southern coast of Italy serves as another luxurious travel destination. With the most exciting terrain, you will find tall mountains diving into the waters creating cliffs which are astonishing. This stunning scene is added a little charm with hotels, resorts, and homes built across the mountains overlooking the shoreline. A stay at any one of these cliff-hanging hotels is an experience of a lifetime. Mingle with the dynamic crowd on the beach, or set out to explore the small lanes of the city, this coast has it all.

Vancouver Island

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A trip along an artistic pathway, Vancouver Island has a community that thrives on innovation and creativity. Buildings showcasing architecture from different times and boasting varied styles are spread across the city, making a sightseeing tour a journey in itself. Also housing rainforests with the neighbour being the ocean, activities like hiking and surfing can also be enjoyed here. Look out for some opulent resorts while planning a trip here and treat yourself to a luxurious stay!

Cape town

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With mountains touching the sky with one hand and the ocean waters with the other, Cape Town makes for an exciting travel destination. Often coupled with some more nearby destinations, people often fail to absorb this land’s true essence. Vibrant neighbourhoods, delicious traditional cuisine, spotless shoreline occupied by penguins and magnificent resorts overlooking the waters… what more do you need?


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One of the most ancient regions of the continent, not one traveller who has traveled here has ever missed the best experience that this land offers. History and tradition, and of course, the mystique of nature. While hiking up Machu Picchu is a must, exploring the intricacies of the culture back in town, is an overwhelming experience. While amidst nature, leave everything else behind and when in town, immerse yourself in this rich pool of hues.

So, here are the top 5 luxurious destinations of 2018. Compiled by us, we are sure that these would suit each and every traveller. So, set out on this journey of planning, packing and travelling. Use one of the best trip planners that’s there to make your trip comfortable and exciting!

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