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5 Benefits to using the Southern Institute to help your business

June 25, 2018

Being a business owner in this digital age doesn’t spare you of processing costs. Especially now that electronic payments are becoming the most preferred method of transaction, you have to prepare yourself and be able to roll with it efficiently. Those in the CBD oil industry are always plagued with the problem of not being able to focus better on their product because of these electronic payment hurdles. Thankfully, firms like The Southern Institute are ready to help. With over 20 years of experience in cost process management, rest assured you wouldn’t have to worry about growing your CBD merchant account.

A man sitting at a table using a laptop

To help you understand the benefits of relying on consulting firms like The Southern Institute, here are 5 reasons it’s helpful for your business:

  1. They are serviced by The Steward Group

The Steward Group is one of the most trusted and credible financial institutions in the west. They’ve been in the wealth management industry for decades and boasts of their track record in effecting robust financial plans to their wide range of clients. Being serviced by The Steward Group, rest assured that your accounts are in the right hands. The Southern Institute specializes in high-risk financial accounts, so you can be assured that approval and setup will be a breeze once you get a deal with this firm.

  1. You get a reliable CBD merchant account

CBD based businesses are automatically considered high-risk. The hemp oil industry isn’t exactly well perceived with traditional banks. Its cloudiness and legality make it hard for merchants to create corporate accounts for operations. As a business owner, you want to be able to create a legal payment processing channel that would allow you to transact with your clients all over the world. This is why a lot of business resort to cash-only payments or fake websites.

The Southern Institute takes away this burden from you by ensuring you get a legal merchant account that’s ready to accept any form of payment.

  1. You get a dedicated team of professionals

Part of their service is to provide a team of knowledgeable payment specialists ready to assist and answer all your queries. Customer support is of utmost importance to the firm so rest assured that your concerns are going to be attended to properly and immediately.

  1. You can focus more on distribution

As someone who wants to grow in your business, focusing on your core is important. Outsourcing your financial needs to a trusted institution gives you a lot of breathing space to focus on what matters, your product. After setting up your account and integrating the payment channels to your website, all you have to worry about next is marketing and driving sales.

  1. You don’t have to worry about your account getting lost

Entrepreneurs who dive into high-risk business models always worry about their account getting revoked or lost. It happens a lot and when it does, it would be virtually impossible to reopen a new one. With The Southern Institute’s expert guidance, they’ll make sure to keep your account running smoothly and legally. They’ll help you obtain a merchant account that’s legal and credible, so you don’t have to worry about it getting lost or flagged.

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