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​​​​Is Winter Right Time To Say Goodbye To Unwanted Hair

December 9, 2019

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Are you thinking about the right time to get rid of your unwanted hair? The good news is here as winter is approaching. It is the perfect time to bid goodbye to all the unsightly hair.

 As a woman, you dedicate enough and more time for your personal care since it is important to take care of your aesthetics. When it comes to excess body hair or facial hair, both men and women get so annoyed as it is hard to get rid of them. Just thinking about the unsightly hair itself becomes a real burden complicating you with constant worries.

Winter is seen as the best time to go hair-free as your skin will be protected with minimal exposure of the sun hence reducing further side effects such as tan, itching, reddishness, etc. Shaving, tweezing, plucking, and waxing are some traditional hair removal methods that are being followed until today. But has it pleased you by giving the perfect hair removal solution? If no, don’t you think it is time to switch to a better option and stay free from all the scars and pain for a lifetime?

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Experts like Therapie Clinic provides the best laser hair removal treatment for long-lasting effects. It is time to move away from the primitive methods and ditch using the pink razors, hair removal creams, waxing kits, etc. to stay hair-free with smooth and glowing skin. The clinic offers the best laser treatment as it is performed by experienced dermatologists or cosmetologists who make the entire process safe and hygienic. Sophisticated technology adopted by the clinic makes the laser treatment the best to treat different skin and hair colours. Face, neck, ears, hands, underarms, legs, and back are some of the commonly treated areas but the well-equipped clinic helps in hair removal solutions for your abdomen, chest, buttocks, thighs, feet, shoulders, and other hairy regions as well. 

Laser hair removal treatment is a permanent solution and the most convenient treatment to remove all the unwanted hair as it doesn’t involve any complications just like the other methods. In a short time, a large area of unsightly hair can be removed at ease. In this treatment, concentrated beams of light are allowed to fall and penetrate the skin that is absorbed by the hair follicles. The laser beams don’t just damage the hair follicle at its root but destroy it completely by stopping its ability to re-grow. With minimal discomfort, the treatment can be done for the patients to enjoy smooth, soft skin and a reduction in the growth of unwanted hair. Depending upon the person, their skin type, hair colour, and hair coarseness, the number of treatment sessions might vary.

Choosing the right clinic is essential​​ as the experts will guide you to about the entire treatment for the specific skin type, needs, and expectations. It might seem expensive,​​ but eventually, you will save money because of its long-lasting hair-free solution.

Winter is here. Book your appointments today and be confident when the summer rolls in.​​

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