How not to react to pregnancy news

Baby - How not to react to pregnancy news

I'm someone who is naturally excited whenever someone tells me that they are pregnant.  My mind starts thinking about the grand adventure that they are embarking on and I congratulate them and express my excitement. It seems however that not everyone reacts to pregnancy news in the same way.  Since announcing that I am expecting baby no. 3 aka Piglet in early December I have had a whole host of reactions.  Some of which I'd … [Read more...]

Love is… A hand in the storm

Love is - A hand in the storm

I've never really like thunderstorms.  It's not the lightning that frightens me, although I do realise that's the part that can actually do the damage.  It's the thunder that I really don't like.  The loud, sky breaking crack that shakes me the core.   As a child I can remember my Mam telling me as a child that it was just God rearranging his furniture in the hope to reassure me that everything was OK and not to worry. … [Read more...]

Updating the kitchen

Home Decor - Updating the kitchen

One of the first things we did to our house when we move in some nine years ago was to replace the kitchen.  It originally had blown vinyl wallpaper, an old-fashioned sink in which the sink and draining board was the top of an entire unit, and it was generally very dated and past it's best.  We replaced the kitchen with a beach style kitchen with black worktops.  At the same time we added basic square tiles up to the wall cabinets … [Read more...]

National Sea Life Centre Birmingham – LEGO® City Deep Sea Experience + #Giveaway

LEGO® City Deep Sea Experience

The National Sea Life Centre Birmingham is currently featuring a LEGO® City Deep Sea Experience where visitors can take part in activities to become an official LEGO® City Deep Sea Explorer!  Visitors will be invited to get hands-on and build a LEGO® sea creature, as well as embark on a novel treasure hunt to seek out LEGO® creations hidden amongst the colourful marine life in the displays. The LEGO® City Deep … [Read more...]

June’s #FunFinds

April's #FunFinds

The warmer weather has arrived and I'm looking forward to soaking up the Vitamin D whilst the children are playing at the park, on a walk down the seafront or even just hanging out the washing.  I'm not quite sure what happened to June but it's the end of the month already and I don't feel like I have accomplished very much. I'm joining in with Family Four Fun's #FunFinds linky again this month as I loved the opportunity to tell you about … [Read more...]

How well do your children eat?

Food & Drink - How well do your children eat-

Before you have children you watch the struggles that your friends have with their children to eat certain foods.  The bribes they make with food and how they can end up cooking a different meal for each family member. It is easy to sit there with rose-tinted glasses and think that when you come to have children it will all be different. I was one of these people, I have watched in horror as friends have bribed their children, begged … [Read more...]

Shrek’s Adventure! is coming to London + #Giveaway


Shrek’s Adventure! London is a unique experience developed by Merlin Entertainments in conjunction with DreamWorks Animation, bringing to life the hilarious world of Shrek and his DreamWork pals! The fully immersive walk-and-ride indoor attraction will take guests on a fantastical DreamWorks ‘tour’, combining ten laugh-out-loud fairytale themed live shows with captivating storytelling, an amazing 4D ride, dramatic special … [Read more...]

Shopping for baby toys

Baby - Shopping for baby toys

With Roo and Tigger both born in November I was comfortable knowing that I would still have time to buy them a little something for Christmas.  This year with Piglet due at the beginning of December I am conscious that I need to be organised and make sure that Piglet has a couple of things under the Christmas Tree just in case I don't feel up to Christmas shopping right after Piglet's arrival. Wanting to get some bits and pieces I … [Read more...]

Filling Christmas Stockings early


Christmas is a magical time of the year.  It is a time of the year that I adore.  I love getting lost in decorations from twinkly lights to tinsel hanging from every available surface.  I love the build up to the big day and watching the children countdown the sleeps until Santa visits. Up until a couple of years ago I used to pride myself of how organised I was for Christmas.  Christmas cards would be written and … [Read more...]

Brit Decor: A wash of Watercolour


The use of watercolour in interior decor is commonly associated with fabrics and accessories such as paintings on canvas, but the colourful effects are now becoming popular as a way to brighten up living spaces. Most people will tend to stick to neutral colours for their homes’ interior design, but for those who like to experiment and make a statement with their decor and wall design, the use of watercolours is a growing trend. This style is a … [Read more...]