Nurses shoes recently got in touch to see if I’d like to test drive their website for choice, ordering and delivery service. Looking at the wide range of brands available I was pleased to see that they offer some big favourites from Birkenstock, Converse and Clarks.

Someone’s hit your car

Mr Boo and I have just sat down to eat our dinner when our next door neighbour shouts over the back garden wall ‘hello, hello, anybody home’. I assume that a ball has come over the wall, but Mr Boo gets up to see what she wants…

‘Someone’s hit your car’

Swindell’s Got Talent

Roo is not what you would class as a shy girl. She revels in the limelight and is happy to be the centre of attention.

At her infant school’s talent show ‘Swindell’s Got Talent’ she was due to take part singing a long with a couple of her classmates, however upon finishing work early to attend I found that Roo and my best friend Niamh had been selected to present the talent show.

How did you get on the property ladder?

When Mr Boo and I decided to move in together we were advised that buying our own home would be better than renting.  Being just 18 years old at the time we were a little clueless about how to go about getting onto the property market.  We’d managed to...

Bunk beds – Share your childhood memories

It’s funny the things you remember about your childhood. The family days out to Blackpool or even the first time we came to Great Yarmouth raises a smile upon my face it is not those memories that make me chuckle.