The Sticker Club {Review}

There is something about stickers and sticky tape that kids just can’t get enough off (I suppose it’s like adults and post-it notes). I suppose in many ways it the parents to blame with eward charts and stickers for good behaviour etc. No matter how many stickers Roo and Tigger manage to get their hands on they are always on the hunt for more, adding them to drawings, their clothes or decorating cardboard boxes.

Cadbury World {Days Out}

Every family has a bucket list of things that they would like to do, places they would like to go and things that they would like to see.  One of the places on the Boo Roo and Tigger Too bucket was a visit to Cadbury World (well it might have been on mine but I...

Tips for Booking a Holiday Online

Many people are taking to the internet to book their holidays nowadays as it can be much cheaper, easier and you can do it in the comfort of your own home. However, if you’re not very confident shopping online, especially when it comes to spending a large amount, it...

The Wonder of Pets

When I was younger my Grandad had a Border Collie called Gwen who he would take on long walks down to the river, over the back fields to chase rabbits and over to the village school playing field to play catch.  Almost everywhere my Grandad went, Gwen went too...

Disney Magical Bedtime Call

The bedtime routine in any house can either go smoothly or the complete opposite… no matter if you follow the same process every night it will nearly always go a different way to the night before. A combination of either the child or the parent being that little bit more tired than usual can really have an effect on the bedtime wind down.

100 Years of Magic: Disney On Ice Tour

There are many things that come into our lives and go again but there is one thing that has the magic to drift in and out of our lives yet still make us feel as though it never left us… I am of course talking about the magic of Disney. Disney films have to be...

Mum vs daughter in the battle of the school uniform #DebsDreamUniform

It’s back to school for Roo in less than a week and after a summer of being able to wear whatever she wants she isn’t looking forward to slipping back on her school uniform. So I decided to have a little fun and challenged Roo to a battle of the school uniform, arming her with the Debenhams kids clothing page on my Chromebook I let her decide what she would much rather wear to school than the back to school uniform choice that is actually facing her.