Back to school | Stamptastic

Back to school - Stamptastic

When Roo started school her infant school gave all the parents a pack of iron on labels with our child's name on.  I initially thought that was kind of them, that was until I a) tried to iron the labels on - cue a few choice words as I caught my fingers on the iron trying to hold them in place as when I didn't they would curl up.  Then b) after the first wash almost half of them came off and I was back trying to iron on new ones. … [Read more...]

Keep the kids busy this summer #KeepTheKidsBusy

Wilko #KeepTheKidsBusy - Free play

So the summer holidays are in full swing and we have some great things planned for the children however we can't be out and about everyday.  A mixture of rainy days (what happened to out sun filled days?), those pesky household chores (why don't the fairies come and do it all for me?) and our renovation plans mean that we need to do some bits around the house in preparation. So whilst Roo and Tigger would happily spend their days at home … [Read more...]

Pebli Town play set and app + #Giveaway

Pebli Key image 3

Pebli Town is a connected pre-school toy from Toys Alive. It uses fun traditional play pieces and a physical play board that interact with a tablet to bring the toy to life.  The board uses hot spot technology, which means that any actions on the board are translated to the tablet. With 99% of all game play is done on the board with the physical characters, so children don’t have to directly interact with the tablet. Pebli Town connects to … [Read more...]

Family fun at Bure Park, Great Yarmouth

Family fun at Bure Park, Great Yarmouth

I count ourselves very lucky in where we live, we are a short 5 minute walk from the beach, a 10 minute walk into town and depending on which direction you head you can be at a park in under 15 minutes. We usually head over to the Beaconsfield Park to play football, ride bikes/scooters or play on the play park as this is our closet park.  However with Mr Boo being off this past week we decided to have a little change and head over to Bure … [Read more...]

Ideas for planning a child’s costume party


Kids love to play dress-up, so if you’re planning a party for your child you might want to think about making it a fancy dress party. A bit more planning is needed if you go with this type of theme, but never fear; you can use the following tips to keep it simple. To get started, you’ll first need to think about the type of theme you want to choose. Picking a theme Picking a theme is generally better than deciding to make it a general fancy … [Read more...]

Giving a Christmas recipe a summer twist

Garlic and rosemary potato salad A

I'm someone who loves Christmas, from the decorations, present buying to planning the Christmas menu.  There are some foods that we tend to only enjoy at Christmas and I'm never really sure why this is.  Is it because we want to keep them special for that time of the year or is it because we don't know how to incorporate them into a summer menu. Over the Christmas period we love garlic and rosemary roast potatoes however when the sun … [Read more...]

Back to school #TipsandTricks

School Uniform - Roo and Tigger

In just six weeks time I will not only be dropping Roo of at school but also Tigger (sob).  Whilst he has attended pre-school making the leap to full-time school seems such a big step.  Tigger of course is ready for the additional challenge of learning, I'm just not sure that I'm ready for him to leave me all day! To make sure that the summer holidays are fun-filled and are a break away from the day-to-day life of school, work and … [Read more...]

Great Expectations: Pregnancy & Childbirth and Baby’s First Year {Book Review}

Great Expectations Pregnancy & Childbirth and Baby's First Year

Great Expectations: Pregnancy & Childbirth and Great Expectations: Baby's First Year included, there's a wealth of practical wisdom on a baby's week-by-week development, genetic testing, having a healthy pregnancy, what to buy, setting a routine, feeding, sleep and soothing techniques, and more. Everything a new mother needs to feel confident is right here. Written by Sandy Jones and Marcie Jones ISBN: 9781454915935 Great … [Read more...]

British Red Cross: Baby and Child First-Aid App


When I was a teenager I completed a first aid course as part of a cadet group that I was part of. Knowing that I had some knowledge of what to do in an emergency made me feel prepared and with many days and weekends away with my cadet group in the middle of nowhere being able to assist in the case of an emergency was important. As I started work I continued to refresh my knowledge of first aid and made sure that my first aid at work certificate … [Read more...]

Littlest Pet Shop – Little Pets, Big Adventures DVD + #Giveaway

Littlest Pet Shop - Little Pets, Big Adventures DVD

Blythe Baxter and her dad Roger move into a new apartment in Downtown City above the Littlest Pet Shop. Remarkably Blythe discovers that can she can speak to the animals that live in the Pet Shop and beg her to help them save the Pet Shop from going out of business. Blythe races against the clock to save the Pet Shop, not only for her new furry friends but also for the Pet Shop’s eccentric owner, Mrs. Twombly. Using her talents as a fashion … [Read more...]